What is the ERP One-Link Solution?

ERP One Link Solution, a robust cloud-based ERP System, is aimed at SMEs and corporations alike. It offers functional and non-functional features, a user-friendly platform with an executive dashboard which gives information as a summary of Company-wise or Branch-wise Sales, Purchases/Expenses, Receivables with Aging, Stock Balances, Payables, Profit & Loss, Projects, Production, and System Usage History and Trends, along with this it also allows Real-time Reporting.

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6 Ways ERP One-Link Can Help You

ERP One-Link Solution | Best ERP solution for your Company in Pakistan
To implement ERP most technological firms lack proper analysis of functional requirements through domain experts who can work at an operational level, this might affect the operations in the long run and reduce productivity and profitability of the ERP, that’s where companies find it hard to map business activities on technological platforms
As a BPO company, we are specialized in accounting, finance, inventory management, technology, human resource, business analysis, and project management, our experts at all these business domains, along with our IT experts map the business practices on the ERP keeping in mind the requirements of the different functions of the business. Along with this, PPT² provides consultancy to increase business efficiency with their expertise.
ERP Service Provider in Pakistan
Few companies rely on consulting firms for developing their functional SOPs, while they rely on technology firms to develop the technological platform, the lack of synergy between two separate mindsets often leads to confusion and compromise implementation.
Our ERP system is easy to use and understand for anyone, belonging to any industry. It is made for all kinds of users, in a way that even people who are not tech-savvy can use it as well, along with this we provide training manuals and do it yourself tutorials
ERP Service Provider in Pakistan
ERP is not successfully implemented due to lack of trainable resources, resistance against change, delay due to daily business activities, and lack of support from management
We provide ERP coordinators with a team of domain experts and business analysts who help in implementation till the end. They remain with the client for a time to resolve issues in training or reporting to ensure the 100% penetration of ERP
ERP often cost very expensive to small and medium organizations
We offer reasonable pricing compared to our competitors
ERP often allows only a limited number of users and resources, which undermine the benefits of an ERP system
Our ERP system doesn’t limit the number of users while our system can cater to an unlimited number of users. This makes us a viable option for both small and medium-sized businesses. We also give access to unlimited numbers of files and resources depending on server capacity
All of these issues lead the organization into assuming ERP as a sunk cost
We consider the cost as an investment, not the sunk cost. To convince our clients we provide them with ROI of their investment by explaining the cost saved from IT expenses to expenses on training a new employee

Price Models

We as a BPO along with our IT knowledge bring three kinds of models to facilitate our clients

  1. CAPEX: In this, our ERP specialist work along with our domain experts to set up the system to the client’s functional requirements, to ensure successful implementation a coordinator is appointed, along with this we provide training as well. For this, we charge a fixed cost linked with implementation phases
  2. Rent to Own: This is on a rental or leases basis, we charge rent quarterly or monthly basis, rent is decided based on the client’s access to numbers and type of models. Within 2 years if clients complete the sum amount they can own the ERP system.
  3. OPEX: This is our exclusive BPO & IT service, in this, we deploy one of the services at client’s business depending on functional or project requirement as an accountant, HR executive, inventory manager, or any other, it could be either off-site or on-site, they work under concerned functional experts and they use ERP as a tool. We charge them monthly which includes ERP rent as well

The services we provide to each sector includes

The manufacturing process can run efficiently using the One Link Solution ERP. It supports all the steps involved as:

  1. Materials Requirement Planning: What to produce, when to produce, what to purchase, When to purchase
  2. Production Scheduling, Gantts, Calendars, Tasks
  3. Bill of Materials (BOMs), Multi-Level BOMs, Alternate BOMs
  4. Work Orders and Individual Process Job Cards
  5. Workstations/Machinery with Electricity, Wages, Consumables, Rental/Depreciation costing
  6. Operations with Routing, Sequencing, Assignment, and Operating costs
  7. Movement & Consumption of Stock Items with associated costing
  8. Batch-wise and Serialized Inventory Management
  9. Comprehensive Production Reporting with and build-your-own-report feature
  10. Warehouse Management: Parent-Child Configuration within multiple Warehouses locations

Managing teachers’ and students’ needs can be done easily using an ERP system, as it will provide a single platform to serve them all. Our services include:

  1. Academy/Institution Setup & Configuration: Academic Year, Programs, Batches, Terms, Groups, Rooms, Courses
  2. Course Scheduling Tool
  3. Instructor Management: Onboarding, Class & Course Assignment, Salaries/Payroll
  4. Student Management: Online Applications, Admission, Enrollment, Program Assignment, Attendance, Leave Applications, Examinations, Parents/Guardians Managements & User Accounts
  5. Learning Management System: Videos, Reading Material, Quizzes
  6. Fees: Structure, Component, Assignment, Receivable, Vouchers, and Payments

A Healthcare system with lots of new patients every day can better run its system with the help of an ERP system. It gives the following benefits

  1. Hospital/Clinic Setup & Configuration: Cost Centers, Service Units, Billable Units, Clinical Departments, Administrative Departments
  2. OPD & IPD Setup: Clinical Procedures, Operation Theatre, Prescription Dosage & Duration, Complaints, Diagnosis
  3. Medical Practitioner Setup: Doctors Master Data, Doctors Schedule, Fees and Commission rates
  4. Patient Setup: Patient Master Data, Contact Details, Allergies, Medical & Surgical history, Risk Factors.
  5. Patient Appointments: Scheduling, Cancellation, Billing, Token Number
  6. Patient OPD: Encounter Impressions, Diagnoses, Prescriptions, Investigations
  7. Laboratory: Lab Test templates, Lab Tests, Lab Tests Billing, Consumables
  8. Patient Admission / IPD: Inpatient Admission, Discharge, Transfer, Drug Administration, Procedures, Bed/Rooms Management, IPD Billing
  9. Pharmacy: Point of Sales, Multi-level Storage, procure to Pay cycle, Expiry Date and Batch-wise Stock Management
  10. Hospital Assets Management