Back Office Support Services (VBOSS)

At VBOSS, we work to flourish our client’s business through providing an extension of their office and deliver all the stated services to introduce Efficient Process, Robust Technology, and Skilled HR. We also have an embedded training in all the activities which ensures consistency of the work quality.

VBOSS Services

VBOSS Approach

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Price Models

There are different pricing models we can offer to the customers. Here is a brief description of all

1- FTR (Full Time Resource) basis

Service availability Off-site and Onsite both. The benefit of this service involves Quick TAT as It takes the same amount of time to turn around the job, along with this Staff will part of client’s team as an extension to their office, and quality of work will be better and will remain consistent

2- Pay as you go

It is a mini version of the FTR process, this is constructed to pay on an hourly basis. As customer pays for hours in advance, say 100 hrs in a month, so we dedicate a resource pool for 100 hrs that only works on the job till 100 hrs are exhausted. (If there are more hours spent, the customer will pay extra for that.)

3- Post Servicing

Customer will allocate us a job, we complete it and bill it for the hours spent at a rate finalized. TAT is higher in this system as there is no resource pool allocated