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VentureForce Global operates as your strategic business partner, bringing data driven insights gleaned from advanced analytics and predictive modeling. We help you in becoming more agile & resilient in your business to master disruption & maintain momentum.

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We acquire information on all business areas and use this information in decision-making to benefit the business increased sales and maximize profits. Through this information, we give insights about business and its offering concerning their demand and value contribution.

Our professionals construct a financial model clearly depicting the financial situation of the company and benchmark it against the industry standards. We provide you a tool for strategic decision-making and help you find underlying opportunities.

We review all the aspects of your buy and sale side to ensure the quality performance of your business to attain its desired targets. We ensure that you and your potential buyers make an informed decision considering all the associated risks of the business.

Using our robust processes and years of expertise we work to forecast financials through which we set the expected future results. Based on forecasted figures, we design the strategies for the business and give suggestion for long term benefits.

We assist you in the valuation of business Interests, Assets (tangible & intangible), and give a professional opinion regarding shareholder’s equity and business value. We give you an opportunity to unleash value-adding opportunities to maximize the economic potential of the company.

Our consultants implement techniques and procedures which will help you manage business finances and ensure the sustainability of your company. We take steps best in favor of stakeholders and business interests with a long-term perspective.
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Virtual Internal Auditor (VIA)

In the future, IA will be able to see far into the horizon, even with an infinitely large, complex puzzle — and yet see every single piece in detail. Technology will enable real-time risk monitoring and timely reporting of high-risk findings to instill trust.

Featured Services

We review your accounting process and procedures to ensure the quality of your Financial Controls and Statement. Our team works hard to remove all the inefficiencies from your accounting systems without investing your management’s valuable time.

Businesses are required to document their process to make sure the efficient workflow of all the operations to reach the desired results. We will also review your current processes to find the areas of improvement to maximize the capabilities of your business.

Our auditors will help your management to identify, assess, and respond to risk regarding the risk appetite. We assure you that risk management processes will be able to manage the risk effectively. We work with your management and audit teams to maximize the benefits to the business.

In case of any present or expected legal proceeding our team would review your financial documents and records that could be used as evidence. Our experts implement proven approaches and techniques to identify any fraudulent activities or future risks.