Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)

VFG have partnered with LLumin USA to provide Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Software which is an important component as IIoT plays a crucial role in Industry Automation 4.0. As LLumin provides operations software that dramatically reduces downtime and helps enterprises optimize the performance of their assets, streamlines the management of critical materials, and ensures compliance with regulations.

Currently, it offers four modules:


  • Reduces unplanned and unnecessary downtime
  • Monitors machines and systems in real-time with expert systems, analytics, and live machine data that automatically trigger the right preventative action at the right time
  • View monitored machines and systems in a facility in 3-dimensions
  • Increases enterprise-level visibility to upcoming areas of risk
  • Ensures compliance with OSHA & EPA regulations, reducing risk
  • Highly flexible and customizable concerning asset types, notifications, and User Interface
  • Streamlines maintenance team productivity by ensuring work routes are efficient, all resources are correct and timely, and by incorporating operations schedule into planning


  • Powerful Materials Tracking, Inventory Management, and Procurement
  • Enforces compliance with FDA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and ISO regulations, reducing risk
  • Accurately tracks and manages inventory, tools, and equipment including hazardous materials
  • Aids inaccurate financial and fiscal reporting via sophisticated eProcurement based ordering, fulfillment, and usage tracking


  1. A suite of interface modules that multiply the value and richness of the entire software suite
  2. Enabled by rich Application Programming Interfaces (API) and commitment to interoperability
  3. Facilitates data and information sharing from plant floor to general ledger


  • A full suite of powerful reporting and dashboard solutions including a library of industry-standard reports, a self-service solution so report can be developed as needed, and dashboard deliver visualization and actionable data
  • A project management module that allows or task and milestone tracking associated with a defined body of work that can track work orders and purchase orders with rolled up labor, parts, and expense tracking.
  • A powerful communications workflow module that allows the creation of notification or approval workflow sequences based on rules and events. Approval rules can be based on any combination of criteria including costs, volumes, regulations, personnel, or classifications.